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GS- Vitrigraph Kiln

Price: $625.00
Part Number: GS- Vitri Kiln

The GS Vitrigraph is a great, low cost choice to create beautiful vitrigraph cane. Compact and portable for a kiln, this vitri kiln has a hole in the bottom that is used to pull stringers from.  Inside measures 9" wide x 9" long x 9" deep. This kiln is side firing only. Kiln comes as a three piece or can be all attached with a hinged lid with a special order. This kiln can be converted for fusing or ceramics with the purchase of the optional second solid floor with no hole in the bottom. This kiln is design as is to only be a vitri kiln and to be fired on a steel rack as shown. Please seek proper instruction before attempting to fire the kiln and pull stringer. Do not use a vitri kiln on a table. Glass flows out the hole once the kiln reached about 1650F. Proper clothes, tools, high temp gloves, and a sutible area with a rack and large steel contailer to catch the hot glass are highly recommened. Ships UPS.

Kiln Model: GS - Vitri Kiln
Interior Dimension: 9" width x 9" length x 9"depth
Voltage: 120 volts, Amperage: 13 amps, Watts: 1560 watts
Receptacle: 5-15R, Ship weight: 70# Ships: UPS

Price includes:  Floor with Pre-drilled Hole, Vent Hole Plug, 
                         Base Brick,and Manual 

Optional: Solid second bottom (ships separately)     
                Take-Apart or All One Piece         

Kiln Model: GS - Vitrigraph Kiln
Interior Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 9"
Voltage: 120v
Amperage: 13a
Watts: 1560w
Receptacle: 5-15R
Ship weight: 70# Ships: UPS


Add Bullseye Studio Fuser Pack (+ $340.00)
Take-Apart-Option Or All One Piece

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