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Price: $1,035.00
Part Number: AF3C-11/9

This is the PERFECT starter kiln for low-fire ceramic hobbiests. Ships via UPS right to your door! Made to perform perfect 04-06 firings on standard household current. Plugs right into a regular outlet! You may eventually upgrade to a larger kiln, but you'll never "outgrow" your small kiln. You'll use it forever for small pieces,test firings,and perfecting designs. The Orton AF3C controller comes equipped with easy to use Cone Fire programs. This kiln is also a great kiln for fusing and slumping glass. Taller than the Bead Annealer, perfect for tall "drop mold" projects and pot melts!

Kiln Model: AF3C 11/9 Kiln Dimensions Inside: 11" x 9" Voltage: 120 volts Amperage: 15 amps Watts: 1800 watts Recepticle: 5-15R Shipping Weight: 70# (UPS)
Price Includes: Peep Hole Plug, Stand and Manual

Options: Shelf, Posts, Kiln Wash, casters. Shelves NOT included in ceramic kilns, as you will want to order certain combonations of shelves and posts to meet your needs.  This kiln is also available in a higher fire model.  3" brick and 17a, to fire up to cone 8!  You'll need a dedicated 20a circuit and 20 plug for this version.   Call with questions!

Kiln Model: AF3C 11/9
Interior Dimension: 11" x 9"
Max Temp: 2100F
Volts: 120v
Amps: 15a
Watts: 1800w
Plug: 5-15R
Breaker: 20
Circuit Wire Gauge: 12
Weight: 50 lbs.
Ship Weight: 70 lbs.


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