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AF2822 3" Pottery Kiln with Lid Lifters and Mercury Relays

Price: $3,295.00
Part Number: AF2829 3" Pottery Kiln
The AF2822 - 3" Pottery Kiln is a powerful shorter kiln that can go to cone 10.  The lower height makes it easier to reach the bottom of the kiln and the width of 28" will accomodate most your largest pieces on the 26" half shelves.  A lid lifter is included to make the kiln easy to open with one hand.   This kiln uses mercury relays and heavy coils for the longest life.

Kiln Model: AF2822 3" Pottery Kiln  Dimensions Inside: 28"x 22"  Outside Dimensions:  Kiln Outside smallest measurement for doorways is 35"  Voltage: 240 volts Amperage: 45 amps  Watts: 10,800 watts  Receptacle: 6-50R   Shipping Weight: 350# (motor freight) Price Includes: Peep Hole Covers, Stand, lid lifter and Manual.  This model comes standard with Mercury relays.  

The Lid Lifter comes with this kiln but is not required, but is a helpful tool with this heavier 3" lid.  If the lifter is not needed then the retail price is reduced. 

Optional: Furniture kit  6 - 26" Half Shelves, Posts, and kiln wash
Optional: 208 Volt will raise the amps and the kiln will may need to be direct wired
Optional: Section Kiln ( Fit through small doorways) 

Please call for help with options, we are here for you. 
Kiln Model: AF 2822-3" Pottery 
Interior Dimension: 28" x 22"
Max Temp: 2300F
Volts: 240v
Amps: 45a
Watts: 10,800w
Plug: 6-50R
Breaker: 60
Circuit Wire Gauge: 6
Weight: 300 lbs.
Ship Weight: 350 lbs.


Add Furniture Kit 6 26" Halves Shelves, Assorted Posts, and Kiln Wash
Add Down Draft Vent System
Remove Lid Lifter From Kiln
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