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AF 2422 3" Mega Coil Kiln

Price: $2,795.00
Part Number: AF2422 3" Mega Coil Kiln
New!  The Mega Coil Kilns are the easiest to own and maintain.  Jen-Ken Kilns has taken their traditional 3" Brick Kiln and added one Mega coil to each full brick.  These coils are oversized and heavy a heavier gauge.  This 22" deep kiln has 4 Mega coils that lead outside the kiln to color coded wiring that go to a power block then to the powercord.  The kiln plugs directly into a Digital 12 button remote controller that hangs on the wall near the kiln, away from the heat that can shorten the components life.  Our controller has full cone firing setting with a choice of slow, Medium, and Fast Firings  and 9 user programs, for custom firing schedules. An 8 gauge thermocoupler is inserted into the kiln to register the temperature.  This remote contains a 60 amp mercury relay for the longest life.  The idea of the kiln is for the busy studio or artist that does not have time to wait for a repairman or expertise to be able to easily change a coil if needed.  A coil can be changed in about 10 minutes.  And if there was ever a problem with the controller then could not be address at the kilns location, then the kiln controller could unplugged and then be boxed up and mailed back for factory servicing.   

This kiln does it all.  An Orton controller that has cone fire schedules and well as user programmable.  The temperature in the kiln is displayed the entire firing so that you always know where the kiln is in the firing.  It will also calculate the cost of the firing, the time the firing took, and the temperature the kiln made it to.

Kiln Model: AF 2422 3" Mega Coil Ceramic Kiln
Kiln Dimensions Inside: 24"x 22" Voltage: 240 volts Amperage: 36 amps Watts: 8,640 watts Recepticle: 6-50R
Shipping Weight: 250# (motor freight)
Price Includes: Kiln, Digital controller, Lid Lifter, Peep Hole Plugs, Stand and Manual
Optional: Shelves, Posts or kiln wash Multiple Thermocouplers for Zone Control, 3" Brick for Pottery
208 Volt Option - No Surcharge
Higher Amperage Unit available for cone 10 firing. 
Kiln Model: AF 2422 3" Mega Coil Kiln
Interior Dimension: 24" x 22"
Max Temp: 2300F
Volts: 240v
Amps: 36a
Watts: 8640w
Plug: 6-50R
Breaker: 40
Circuit Wire Gauge: 8
Weight: 200 lbs.
Ship Weight: 250 lbs.

Note: Discounted Prices on Ceramic kilns will not be available to area codes 239 and 850.


3 Key Controller Downgrade (-$200.00)
Make it a TAP touch screen controller (+ $175.00)
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