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AFG-28-E 15" GLass Kiln

Price: $2,499.00
Part Number: AFG-28-E 15" Glass Kiln
Kiln Model: AFG-28-E 15" Kiln  This is the kiln that has the extra depth so that the large diameter piece and be slumped in the same kiln.  The 15" depth can handle slump a 13" deep bowl or a 13" flower former mold.  The 26" Full fits just about every round glass mold out there.  The largest square would be just over 18" on the this shelf.  
Dimensions Inside: 28" Across and 15" Deep   Voltage: 240 volts Amperage: 45 amps Watts: 10,800 watts Recepticle: 6-50R Shipping Weight: 350# (motor freight) Price Includes: 1 26" Full Shelf or 2 26" Halves,, Kiln Wash, Peep Hole Covers, Stand and Manual Optional: Extra Shelf
Kiln Model: AFG-28-E 15"
Interior Dimension: 26" x 15"
Max Temp: 1700F
Volts: 240v
Amps: 45a
Watts: 10800w
Plug: 6-50R
Breaker: 50
Circuit Wire Gauge: 6
Weight: 250 lbs.
Ship Weight: 350 lbs.


3 Key Controller Downgrade (-$200.00)
Make it a TAP touch screen controller (+ $175.00)
Add Bullseye Studio Fuser Pack (+ $340.00)
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