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Double Wall Crucible

Price: $2,695.00
Designed to fire kiln up to 2300°F to melt the cullet, then cool down to 1800°F to squeeze the glass, then work at 2050°F to 2100°F for the gathers. When between sessions, hold the kiln at 1800°F, then turn back to work at the gathering temperature.

Max Temperature 2300F and Max Working Temperature 2150. Coils in crucible kilns tend to last 3 to 6 months and are not warranted

Important Note:   Electric Crucible Kiln are designed to melt cullet and not to make glass from batch!!!  Making batch usually causes the thermocoupler and the kiln brick to crystalize and deteriate quickly from the caustic fumes that are given off.  

Kiln Model: AFG Double Wall Crucible Kiln
Interior Dimension: 19" x 19" x 20"
Voltage: 240 volts Amperage: 36 amps Watts: 8,640 watts Recepticle: 6-50R Shipping Weight: 400# (motor freight)
Price Includes: Shelf, Kiln Wash and Manual

Kiln Model:  Double Wall Crucible Kiln
Interior Dimension: 19" x 20"
Max Temp: 2300F
Volts: 240v
Amps: 36a
Watts: 8640w
Plug: 6-50R
Breaker: 50
Circuit Wire Gauge: 6
Weight: 350 lbs.
Ship Weight: 400lbs.


3 Key Controller Downgrade (-$200.00)
Make it a TAP touch screen controller (+ $175.00)
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