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Oval Full Shelf for Glass 1" Thick - Must ship motor freight. Call for quote

Price: $340.00
Part Number: Oval Full Shelf for Glass 1" Thick
Oval Full Kiln Shelf  1" Thick for Glass Kilns  Shelf is a great choice to eleminate the seams.  Dimensions:  21" x 38" Long   This giant shelf needs to be on at least 8 posts and lttle squared fiber pads on top of each post will help level the shelf.  Care needs to taken when heating any large kiln shelf.  Heat slower than faster, from room temp to about 1000 keep it at 300F per hour or slower. The shelf and the glass have to heat at the same rate and slower ramp rates help this happen.  Also covering the shelf with glass is also a great way to protect the shelf.   A 16x16 square 3 layer pice of glass in the middle of the shelf with no other glass around it can cause the shelf to crack.  So plan the firings and fire your plan to accomodate the glass and the thick slab it is on.    As with any shelf and especial the larger sizes, rocking is not good.  The post should be moved an inch or two in any direction to help the shelf not rock, which can crack the shelf.  One side of this shelf is smoother than the other as it was sanded more at the factory.

 If you order an oval kiln please consider ordering an extra shelf as we cannot ship these via UPS only freight on a pallet.  A larger shelf is not UPS Shippable, UPS tends to break the larger shelves.    

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