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AF3P Bonnie Glo Tilt

Price: $1,486.00
Part Number: AF3P Bonnie Glo Tilt 15" x 6"
This unique fiber kiln is really fast and it opens two ways! From the top and like a clamshell, this allows very easy loading and building of pieces directly on the kiln floor. Since it is made from fiber most of the heat is absorbed by the glass and not the kiln. This allows a painter or fuser to do a few firings a day. The cool down is very quick since the fiber does not absorb the heat like fire brick. No shelf is needed, you can use fiber paper on the bottom, kaiser lee board, or lava cloth. This kiln comes standard with the Orton Digital 3-key controller..

Remember you can fire glass as fast as the glass can take the heat. We have fired many times in about 1 hour, but when we slumped the fused glass project, we had to slow up the rate to 300 degrees per hour to account for the thicker piece of glass and the ceramic mold.

This kiln is named after Mike's and Randy's Mom, Bonnie Glotfelty, who has been in the fired arts industry since the late 1960's. We love her and appreciate the years of service and the help and guidance she has given to Jen-Ken Kilns. We actually think that she just comes to work to make sure we made it in and to go to lunch. She is wonderful lady that deserves a kiln named after her after all the years in the industry. A Small Kiln with Big Kiln Features Handles for Moving 2300° All Fiber Kiln (Max Firing Temp is 1700F) 1 Year Limited Warranty

Kiln Model: The Bonnie Glo Tilt
Interior Dimension: 15" circumference x 6" depth
Voltage: 120 volts, Amperage: 15 amps, Watts: 1800 watts
Receptacle: 5-15R Shipping Weight: 50# because of box size (UPS).

Includes: Kiln Wash, Stand, Manual

Optional: Fiber Shelf, Solid State Relays (SSR)

Kiln Model: AF3P Bonnie Glo Tilt
Interior Dimension: 15" x 6"
Max Temp: 1700F
Volts: 120v
Amps: 13a
Watts: 1560w
Recepticle: 5-15R
Breaker: 20
Circuit Wire Gauge: 14
Weight: 25 lbs.
Ship Weight: 45 lbs.


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