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AFG ProFusion 38 Glass Kiln (Fiber)

Price: $7,354.00
Part Number: AFG ProFusion 38
Ships Motor Freight Collect- Call for quote

The ProFusion 38 fiber kiln is designed to handle larger projects with ease–particularly glass fusing and slumping. With its unique rigid fiber top and quartz tube elements for maximum radiant heat, this kiln offers efficiency and convenience. The integrated stand with casters places the kiln at an ideal height for easy loading, while the clamshell lid design and spring-assisted lift make it remarkably light to handle. Additionally, the separate controller can be wall-mounted, eliminating the need to bend over to program the kiln.

This kiln includes a 25" x 36" fiber shelf made from the same rigid fiber material as the kiln, ensuring seamless fusing and quick turnaround times. The shelf rests directly on the kiln's brick floor, eliminating the need for posts. Perfect for busy studios, it allows for two firings a day and cools to room temperature by the next morning. Ideal for fusing full sheets of glass, the ProFusion 38 is a larger, lighter, and more efficient kiln, making it a great choice for warm glass artists.

Key Features:

  • Best for glass fusing and slumping

  • Fast fusing (not suitable for fast slumping)

  • Square design for full sheet glass fusing

  • Kiln floor height is approximately 34", perfect for easy loading and convenient project assembly at kitchen counter height—no more bending way over to load!

  • Spring-assisted dual lid lifters for easy opening and closing

  • Kiln floor made of individual kiln bricks, not cemented together, for quick and easy replacement, if needed

  • The standard Orton AutoFire 4000 12-key controller included can be mounted on the wall or on the side of the kiln, eliminating heat issues in the controller and the need to bend over to program your kiln!

  • Allows for two firings a day

  • Suitable for a garage with a large door or can be disassembled to fit through a 36" door

Kiln Specifications:

  • Kiln Model: AFG ProFusion 38

  • Kiln Function: Fusing, slumping

  • Interior Dimensions: 38” x 26” x 12”

  • Cubic Feet: 8ft³

  • Top/Side Firing: Top

  • Max Temp: 1,700°F

  • Voltage: 240A

  • Amperage: 36A

  • Watts: 8,600W

  • Receptacle: 6-50R

  • Breaker: 50A

  • Circuit Wire Gauge: 6

  • Kiln Weight: 300lbs

  • Shipping Weight (Average): 525lbs

  • Shipping Method: Motor freight–call for quote

Price Includes:

  • Quartz-encased elements

  • Integrated metal stand with casters 

  • Solid 25” x 36” x 1” fiber shelf 

  • Bag of kiln wash

  • Spring-assisted dual lid lifters

  • 1-year warranty for kiln

  • 2-year warranty for controller


  • Controller upgrade:

    • AutoFire Slide Controller (+$115)

    • TAP Touchscreen Controller with Wifi (+$200)

  • Furniture Kit (+$258):

    • 2 clay shelves: 24” x 24” and 12” x 24”
      Best for pot melts, raking, higher temp glass work

    • 8 x 1” posts

  • Addition of an extra 2” of height with a recessed bottom (+$200)

  • Bullseye Studio Fuser Pack (+$340)

  • Solid State Relays (+$250)



Upgrade Controller:

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