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AFG ProFusion 52 Glass Kiln (Fiber)

Price: $9,769.00
Part Number: AFG ProFusion 52
Ships Motor Freight Collect- Call for quote

Introducing Jen-Ken Kilns’ ProFusion 52! As the largest kiln in our fiber lineup, this powerhouse is designed to accommodate your most substantial projects while delivering swift results with its fiber-fast technology. Featuring an all-rigid fiber top section with elements encased in quartz tubes, the ProFusion 52 emits maximum radiant heat for efficient firing. 


The integrated stand with castors for easy mobility puts the kiln floor at about 34" high–the perfect kitchen counter height for ease of loading, and its spring-assisted lid is remarkably easy to handle considering its size.


Featuring a floor made of individual kiln bricks that are easily replaceable, accidents are no longer a cause for concern. With its 25” x 51” fiber shelf that sits flat on the kiln floor, this kiln becomes an all-fiber kiln when the lid is closed. Plus, with the controller separate from the kiln and wall-mountable, heat issues are a thing of the past. Say goodbye to bending over to program your kiln!




  • Best for glass–fiber fusing and slumping

  • Accommodates small and large-scale work

  • Integrated stand with casters for mobility

  • Spring-assisted dual lid lifters for easy opening and closing

  • Quartz-encased elements for durability

  • Fiber chamber for rapid firings

  • Kiln stand designed for easy loading and convenient project assembly, sits at kitchen counter height (~34” height)

  • Kiln floor made of individual kiln bricks, not cemented together, for quick and easy replacement

  • Orton AutoFire® 4000 12-Key Controller:

    • Wall-mount enclosure keeps the controller away from heat, safeguarding internal components

    • 25 user programs for highly customized firing schedules

    • Automatic calculation of heat work adjustments and final firing temperatures based on actual kiln performance ensures accurate monitoring and optimal results as the kiln ages

    • Cost calculation for each firing



Product Specifications:

  • Kiln Model: AFG ProFusion 52

  • Kiln Function: Fiber fusing, slumping

  • Interior Dimensions: 52” x 26” x 12”
    (11” height from bottom of quartz-encased element tubes to floor)

  • Cubic Feet: 9.38

  • Top/Side Firing: Top

  • Max Temp: 1700° F

  • Volts: 240

  • Amps: 45

  • Watts: 10,800

  • Receptacle: 6-50

  • Breaker: 60

  • Circuit Wire Gauge: 6

  • Kiln Weight: 400 lbs

  • Shipping Weight (Average): 650 lbs

  • Overall dimensions (footprint and height): 48” x 61” x 51”

  • Shipping Dimensions: 54” x 68” x 66”

  • Shipping Method: Motor freight - call for quote


Price Includes:

  • Quartz-encased elements

  • Integrated metal stand with casters

  • Solid 25” x 51” fiber shelf 

  • Spring-assisted dual lid lifters

  • Posts

  • Orton AutoFire® 12-key wall-mountable controller

  • Mechanical relays

  • Instruction manual

  • 2-year limited warranty for kiln and controller


  • Controller upgrade:

    • AutoFire Slide Controller (+$115)

    • TAP Touchscreen Controller with Wifi (+$200)

  • Clay shelf kit (+$344)

    • 2 shelves - 24” x 24” 

    • Posts 

  • Bullseye Studio fuser pack (+$340)

  • Solid-State Relays - SSR (+$375) 


Upgrade Controller:
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