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AF 2829 3" Ceramic Kiln

Price: $4,674.00
Part Number: AF 2829-3"
Manufacturer Model Number: AF 2829-3"
This is a kiln for the busy studio that mainly fires low-fire ceramics, Cone 8.  Comes with the Orton 12 Button Controller that has all the cone firing schedules built-in and well as 9 user programs for custom firing schedules.   The plug-in 45 amp 240v version is standard with the option of a 55a direct wire that gives more power and longer element life.

Kiln Model: AF 2829 3" Ceramic Kiln
Interior Dimension: 28" width x 29" depth
Voltage: 240 volts Amperage: 45 amps or 55 amps Watts: 10,800 watts or 13,200
Receptacle: 6-50R or Direct Wire  Shipping Weight: 400# (motor freight)

Price Includes: Kiln stand and manual  

                Furniture Kit: 8 - 26" half shelves,
                6 - 1" posts, 6 - 2" posts, 6 - 4" posts, 6 - 6" posts,
                and 1 lb. shelf primer
                TAP Controller
                Orton Vent Master 
                Lid Lifter
                Multiple Thermocouples for Zone Control 
                3 Phase   
                208 Volt Option - No Surcharge 
                Sectional Kiln (To Fit through small doorways)

Please call to discuss features and options, we are here for you. 

Kiln Model: AF 2829 Ceramic Kiln 
Interior Dimension: 28" x 29"
Max Temp: 2300F
Volts: 240v
Amps: 45a  or 55a
Watts: 10,800w or 13,200w
208v 55 amp 11,400 watts
Receptacle: 6-50R or DW
Breaker: 60 or 70
Circuit Wire Gauge: 6 or 4
Weight: 300 lbs.
Ship Weight: 400 lbs.
We are unable to ship kilns with mercury relays to the state of California due to their ban on mercury products. 


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