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AF3P 11/6

Price: $1,167.00
Part Number: AF3P 11/6
Compact and portable this 11" wide by 6" deep kiln can still deliver any studio artist’s room for impressive-sized fire art. This kiln can hold a 10" plate mold or an 8" square mold. The added depth can expand your contemporary warm glass to include pot melts, pattern bars and some nice size drop-outs. Operates on a regular 120 volt 20 amp circuit and is controlled by Jen-Ken kilns exclusive pre-programmed Orton digital controller. This controller has over 20 different firing schedules as well as many blank slots for those users that want to design their own firing schedules. All programs are easily editable so you can fine-tune your controller's results. This kiln is side firing only.

Kiln Model: AF3P 11/6 
Interior Dimensions: 11" width x 6" depth
Voltage: 120 volts Amperage: 13 amps Watts: 1560 watts
Recepticle: 5-15R Shipping Weight: 70# (UPS)

Price Includes: Shelf, Posts, Kiln Wash, Base Brick and Manual

Optional: Metal Stand

Kiln Model: AF3P 11/6
Interior Dimension: 11" x 6" 
Max Temp: 1700F
Volts: 120v
Amps: 13a
Watts: 1560w
Recepticle: 5-15R
Breaker: 20
Circuit Wire Gauge: 12
Weight: 45 lbs.
Ship Weight: 70 lbs.


Add Bullseye Studio Fuser Pack (+ $420.00)
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