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Garage Sale S&D AF3C 1822 240v 26a Ceramic Kiln sn 037683 $1197.00

Price: Call to Order this S&D AF3C 1822 for $1197.00
Part Number: AF3C 1822 Ceramic Kiln
Usually Ships in 5 Business Days
Fred, Henry, and George love this kiln and you will too! It's a wonderful small kiln built for home use. It runs on a 30 amp electric dryer circuit. The AF3C comes standard with the AF3C 3-button controller, however you have the option to upgrade to the Orton Autofire 12-key controller, or the TAP touch screen controller. You can add multiple thermocuples for zone control with the Orton AutoFire 12-key controller. This option is not avalible with the other controllers. 

This kiln is a scatch and dent 3 Button 1822.   There are extra screws in the panel back and some cosmetic brick issues, but nothing that will hurt the kilns firing or integrity.   

No further discounts will be take of this price.  

Kiln Model: AF3C 1822 Ceramic Kiln 
Interior Dimensions: 18" width x 22" depth
Voltage: 240 volts Amperage: 26 amps Watts: 6,240 watts
Recepticle: 6-30R Shipping Weight: 200# (motor freight)

Price Includes: Metal Stand and Manual 

Optional: Furniture Kit includes: 2 full shelves, 3 half shelves,
                3 - 1" posts, 3 - 2" posts, 3 - 4" posts, 1 lb. shelf primer
                Orton 12-key Controller - With or Without multiple
                thermocuples for zone control
                TAP Controller
                Orton Vent Master 
                208 Volt Option - No Surcharge

Kiln Model: AF3C 1822
Interior Dimension: 18" x 22" 
Max Temp: 2300F
Volts: 240v
Amps: 26a
Watts: 6240w
Recepticle: 6-30R
Breaker: 30
Circuit Wire Gauge: 10
Weight: 150 lbs.
Ship Weight: 200 lbs.


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