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AF3C 1818 Ceramic Kiln

Price: $1,650.00
Part Number: AF3C 1818 Ceramic Kiln
Usually Ships in 10 Business Days
This is a Great kiln size for the novice or the expert, that needs a smaller kiln, that can fire all of the projects that can fit on the 15.5" shelf.   Designed to fire Ceramics and Pottery (fires to cone 8), the preprogrammed controller for can be set to the glass mode to fuse and slump glass projects.  Comes with a Jen-Ken Kiln 3 Button controller that has the cone firing with extra user programs  for your own custom firing schedules as well as glass firing schedules. Made with 2300F 2.5" Brick

Kiln Model: AF3C 1818 Ceramic Kiln
Interior Dimension: 18" width x 18" depth
Voltage: 240 volts, Amperage: 26 amps, Watts; 6,240 watts
Recepticle: 6-30R  Shipping Weight: 200# (motor freight)  
Price Includes: Peep Hole Plugs, Stand and Manual, 2 Year Limited Warranty

Optional:  Furniture Kit
                Orton Vent Master 

                3" Brick Option  
                208 Volt Option - No Surcharge

Kiln Model: AF3C 1818 Ceramic Kiln
Interior Dimension: 18"x 18" 
Voltage: 240v
Amperage: 26a
Watts: 6,240w
Recepticle: 6-30R
Shipping Weight: 200# (motor freight)



Add Furniture Kit 2 Full, 1 Half Shelf, Assorted Posts, and Kiln Wash
Add Down Draft Vent System
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