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Price: $937.00
Compact and portable this 11" wide by 6" deep kiln can still deliver any studio artist’s room for impressive-sized fire art. This kiln can hold a 10" plate mold or an 8" square mold. The added depth can expand your contemporary warm glass to include pot melts, pattern bars and some nice size drop-outs. Operates on a regular 120 volt 15 amp circuit and is controlled by an infinite switch. This switch has a high and low setting and then is numbered from 1-6. On each number setting the coil will pulse off and on to maintain a temperature that corresponds to the built-in 2” analogue pyrometer. This kiln is side fire only. Comes with shelf, posts, kiln wash and base brick. Ships UPS.

Kiln Model: GS 11/6
Interior Dimension: 11" x 6"
Voltage: 120 volts Amperage: 13 amps Watts: 1560 Watts Recepticle: 5-15R Shipping Weight: 50# (UPS)
Price Includes: Shelf, Posts, Kiln Wash, Peep Hole Plug, Base Brick and Manual

Optional: Viewing Window or Flip Door

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