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26" Round Kiln Shelf (Glass)

Price: $140.00
Part Number: Kiln Shelf 26 Glass
Call for Shipping Estimate- must ship motor freight

This 26" full kiln shelf, is designed for glass kilns and is a great choice for anyone wishing to eliminate seams. With a sturdy 1" thickness and a generous 26" round diameter, it can easily accommodate pieces up to 18x18" square.

To ensure optimal results, heat gradually—300°F per hour or slower—from room temperature to 1000°F. This gentle approach ensures uniform heating for both the shelf and the glass, enhancing fusion quality.

Stability is key for our larger kiln shelves. Utilize a minimum of four posts and small square fiber pads on top of each post for leveling. For 28" kiln orders, consider purchasing an extra shelf.

Note: UPS shipping isn't available for larger shelf sizes due to potential breakage; motor freight shipping is required.

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