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 Jen-Ken Kilns is please to have partnered with North Star Leasing by offering kiln financing for larger pottery and ceramic kilns to our customers. With $1 buyouts, flexible payment terms, and quick credit decisions, customers can be using a new Jen-Ken Pottery Kiln sonner than they might expect.  As and example, under the 13 month payment plan, a $3,000 kiln would amount to a $250 payment with the first and last payment in advance followed by 11 more payments.  At the end of the lease you own the kiln.  Longer terms are available to match your needs. With financing like this you can get the kiln you really want for your studio and pay over one to three years. Once the kiln decision has been made you may call North Star Leasing or Print and Fax to them the application form. Then NSL will let you and us know to procede with your kiln. 

Application Link:

10 Advantages of leasing with North Star

  1. No penalty for early payoff.
  2. Leasing does not tie up your working capital.
  3. A lease is not indicated as a liability on a financial statement.
  4. Leasing conserves your credit lines for other use; you do not need to borrow against bank lines when you use leasing as an option.
  5. Leasing allows budgeted agencies to obtain equipment through their operating expenses when capital funds are no longer available.
  6. As a tax benefit, leasing gives you a rapid depreciation write-off.
  7. We can arrange longer payment terms than lending institutions.
  8. With a Fair Market Value (FMV) lease, you may expense every penny of every payment.
  9. Leasing minimizes inflation risk by paying tomorrow’s cost with today’s dollars.
  10. Leasing helps improves ratios and keep your balance sheet clean.

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