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Kiln Wire 12 Gauge

Price: Per Foot
 This high temperature 12 gauge wire is the main supply wire used for Jen-Ken Kilns.  12 Gauge comes in Red, White, Blue, Black, and Green.  Please order by the foot and call if you need help with how much you need.   We also have and use 14 and 16 gauge wire in the kilns in Black and White for our 120 volt kilns.  If you need to also order connectors for the kiln, like ring, insulated push-ons, non-insulated push-ons, or spade, please call so that we can help you order the right connectors for the right kiln.  
If a wire in the kiln looks to be brittle, stiff or burned then it needs to be replaced.  If the end of the wire is bad at the element connection,  it can sometimes be trimmed back about 1 inch and stripped and reconnected to the element tail.  If the wire is going to be too short, then it's time to replace it.


What kiln model/Color wire?
Please provide serial number for the kilns your parts are for. Usually located on the upper side right of the control box. This helps us make sure you get exactly what you need.
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