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120 volt Infinite Switch (knob sold separately)

Price: $35.00
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This 120 volt Infinite switch fits all 120 volt kilns that currently have an Infinite switch. The knob may also need to be purchased if it is not a Jen-Ken Kiln because of different mounting styles.   It has a max amperage of 15 amps. The switch has high (full power) and low 7-20% power) settings and numbers in the middle so the switch will cycle on and off to maintain a percentage of power. The knob is sold separately.  Note: When replacing a switch look at the pushon connectors, then need to be clean and not rusty and have a tight electrical fit when put back on the switch tabs.


Kiln Serial Number (upper right side of control box) and any notes on this model. Completing this helps ensure you get the correct parts.
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