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8 Gauge Type K Thermocouple Probe

Price: $39.00
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This is for the larger and the digital models. It senses the inside temperature and sends the signal to the controller.
This thermocouple is for many kiln models.  . Before ordering look at you probe and make sure it looks the same. This unit lasts for years and fails usually from deterioation inside and between the insulators. The tip and the tail may look good, but inside the ceramic insulators it may be flaking and disintegrating. Oval block is sold separately and does not usually need replacing as often as the probe. Clean the connection holes and the thermocouple ends with fine sand paper or a wire brush  to make sure there is a clean connection.

As always, call with quesions.


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Length of Thermocouple Probe (measured in insulators)*
Please provide serial number for the kilns your parts are for. Usually located on the upper side right of the control box. This helps us make sure you get exactly what you need.
Add Connecting Block (+ $13.00)
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