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Brown Thermocouple Wire for Internal Thermocouples (by the foot)

Price: $3.00

⚠️IMPORTANT: Please do not order any thermocouples before calling us at (863) 648-0585 to confirm that you are selecting the correct one for your kiln.

This high-temperature type K wire runs from the digital controller to the connecting block where the thermocouple is attached. It sends a low-voltage signal back to the controller to display the temperature.  The Red thermo wire must hook up to the red connection at the controller and the red connection at the block and then the red side of the thermocouple.   

If wired improperly, the controller usually reads down in temperature as the kiln heats. Make sure this thermo wire is pushed away from the 120v or 240v wires. It could read wrong if the thermo wire runs alongside one of the high-voltage wires. It takes about 10 minutes to change this part.


Please provide serial number for the kilns your parts are for. Usually located on the upper side right of the control box. This helps us make sure you get exactly what you need.
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