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Small Relay

Price: $17.00
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This small relay fits the Digital Kilns like the Bead Annealers, Chilipeppers, 15/6's, and other small 120 volt kilns.  If the pilot lights on the front of the kiln flicker or do not cycle on and off while the kiln is trying to heat then the relay is usually the answer.  If the pilot lights stay on and the kiln does not heat, then turn the kiln off, unplug the kiln and look at the coil for a break.  A relay is a part that takes about 15 minutes to change.


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Does your kiln have a safety relay?*
Yes (2 indicator lights on front of controller, one marked safety)
No (none of my indicator lights are marked safety)
Please provide serial number for the kilns your parts are for. Usually located on the upper side right of the control box. This helps us make sure you get exactly what you need.
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