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Vitri Barrel

Price: $1,350.00
Part Number: Vitri Barrel

The Vitri Barrel glass kiln is our latest and most versatile vitrigraph kiln. Its circular design accommodates a 10" round kiln shelf, offering a more spacious workspace compared to our previous square model. Designed to sit atop a sturdy wire rack with a metal cutout on one shelf for the kiln hole and a pot below to catch the pulled glass, this setup ensures efficient glass pulling.

The kiln's double layer of elements provides quick heating and the ability to maintain flow temperatures effortlessly. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned glassworker, the Vitri Barrel is the ultimate transformer. By adding a stand, shelf, and solid bottom, it seamlessly converts into a fusing, casting, or low-fire ceramic kiln.

The kiln lid is hinged with a removable pre-drilled bottom, and for fusing, you can purchase a solid bottom as an add-on. Please note, the kiln does not include a shelf kit and can be ordered as three separate pieces by specifying in your order notes.

Experience the best of both worlds with the Vitri Barrel, your go-to kiln for all your glassworking needs!


Key Features:

  • Excellent for vitrigraph pulling
  • Circular design with 10" round kiln shelf for spacious workspace
  • Sturdy wire rack setup with metal cutout for kiln hole
  • Pot below to catch pulled glass for efficient glass pulling
  • Double layer of elements for quick heating and temperature maintenance
  • Suitable for beginners and seasoned glassworkers
  • Converts to fusing, casting, or low-fire ceramic kiln with added stand, shelf, and solid bottom
  • Hinged kiln lid with removable pre-drilled bottom
  • Optional solid bottom for fusing available separately
  • Kiln does not include a shelf kit
  • Can be ordered as three separate pieces by specifying in order notes
  • Versatile for various glassworking needs

Kiln Specifications:

  • Kiln Model: Vitri Barrel with Hole in Floor

  • Kiln Function: Vitrigraph pulling (glass)

  • Interior Dimensions: 11" x 9"

  • Cubic Feet: 0.55 ft³

  • Top/Side Firing: Side

  • Max Temp: 2,150°F

  • Voltage: 120V

  • Amperage: 15A

  • Wattage: 1,800W

  • Receptacle: 5-15R

  • Breaker: 15A

  • Kiln Weight: 50lbs

  • Shipping Weight (Average): 70lbs

  • Shipping Dimensions (Approx): 26" x 26" x 20"

  • Shipping Method: Motor freight - call for quote

Price Includes:

  • Orton AutoFire 3-Button Controller
  • Instruction manual
  • 2-year limited warranty for kiln and controller


  • Solid State Relays (+$125)

vitrigraph kiln manual (PDF) button

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ensuring you order the right kiln with confidence.


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